About Us

Who We Are?

What We Do for You?

We are a team of 9 people who are dedicated to the creation of additional content for Farming Simulator 19, we mostly turn to companies with the aim of making a certain product known to the Italian and foreign market, thanks to the popularity of Farming Simulator, each of our creations reaches over 100.000 people passionate about the agricoltural sector.

SMI Modding Team profile

Sbaffo Farming - Modeller, Ingamer, Programmer
Matteo7810 - Graphic Designer, Modeller, Ingamer
MN3D - Modeller, Social Manager
Alex - Ingamer, Programmer
EdoMod - Mapper, Modeller
AlexRossi - Modeller, Ingamer
Boris Abito - Modeller
Neyther - Ingamer
Cr82 - Ingamer